Press Conference 新聞發佈會

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March 27, 2019 | 3月27日

With this year’s June 4th soon upon us, TADC has prepared a series of events to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989.  As always, our theme continues to be “Never Forget June 4” and “Democracy in China”. Particularly, we also want to expose the invasion and influence of “China Model” into Canada.


Public Forum: Free Expression and National Interests: The case of China

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Thursday April 11, 2019 | 4月11日星期四

Ryerson Centre for Free Expression is holding a public forum on “Free Expression and National Interests: The Case of China”. The discussion panel includes Sanjay Ruparelia, Cheuk Kwan of TADC and Jan Wong, with Lisa Taylor as the moderator. This forum is free and all are welcomed. Please check out the following web page for more details.

懷雅遜大學將於四月十一日星期四舉行公眾論壇,主題圍繞中國政府操控公衆輿論,對加國人民及其自由言論的影響。主講嘉賓有Sanjay Ruparelia、Jan Wong黃明珍、及本會發言人關卓中,由Lisa Taylor擔任主持。公衆論壇費用全免、無需預先登記,以英語舉行,敬請屆時參加。欲知詳情請點擊以上網址查閲。 (more…)

Public Forum: Dissent, Democracy & Student Activism

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Wednesday March 27, 2019 | 3日27日星期三

TADC is pleased to sponsor this Ryerson event organized by Unifor National Chair in Social Justice and Democracy and Jack Layton Chair to mark the 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square June 4, 1989. The free public forum will be held on Wed 3/27 with Wang Dan, Rowena He and Chris Ramsaroop as speakers and Kiké Roach as moderator. Please go to this link for more information on the event.

為紀念天安門六四30周年,由本會贊助、懷雅遜大學主辦的公眾論壇將於三月廿七日星期三舉行,重點討論學生運動與民主抗爭。主講嘉賓除王丹外,還邀請到何曉清博士及Chris Ramsaroop一同出席。公衆論壇費用全免、無需預先登記,敬請屆時參加。欲知詳情請點擊至網頁查閲。–democracy—activism/


Toronto Rally to Support Hong Kong Prisoners of Conscience

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Saturday August 26, 2017 | 8月26日星期六



時間: 下午1時
地點: 香港經貿處 174 St George St. (St George Subway Station)

請穿黑衣出席,以實際行動支援香港被政治打壓人士 !


Canada Hong Kong Link

Time: 1 p.m.
Venue: HK Economic & Trade Office 174 St George St. (St George Subway Station)

Please wear black shirts to support the politically prosecuted in HK.

We shall not forget them!
Please help pass this message to your friends.

Dora Nipp’s Speech at the Candlelight Vigil for Liu Xiabo

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On behalf of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China, we join the world in mourning the death of Liu Xiao Bo.

And we join the world in condemning the Chinese government.

For China is shown once again that it is weak and cowardly – so fearful of this soft-spoken man of words and reason that the Chinese regime locked up its nation’s first Nobel Peace Laureate. Despite its swagger, China has a fragile ego. It could not handle the world’s respect; abide by international recognition; or live up to the expectation of transforming itself into a true world leader. For some reason, China insists on remaining backward. (more…)

Candlelight vigil for Liu Xiaobo

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Friday July 14, 2017 | 7月14日星期五

CHKL, TADC and FDC will co-host a candlelight vigil for Liu Xiaobo in front of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto, 240 St. George Street.


港加聯丶多倫多民運會及中國民主陣線將於當天晚上七時在多倫多市St. George Street 240號中領館前聯合舉行劉曉波燭光悼念會。敬請穿黑衣出席,也請把這訊息廣傳開去。