Candlelight Vigil of 33rd June 4 Connected Two Generations
「六四」33 周年燭光會聯合兩代人

TADC would like to announce that Candlelight vigil for the 33rd anniversary of June 4 was attended by more than 2000 people, a record not seen in the past 20 years. Cheuk Kwan, TADC past chair for more than 20 years, said, “we finally succeeded in uniting the two generations this year together, to remember Tiananmen Massacre in 1989 and to keep on fighting for Hong Kong since the pro-democracy movement in 2019.”


Photos of the June 4 rally, march and candlelight vigil have been published in Facebook photo album.


Based on observations from volunteers during the event, Winnie Ng, TADC chair, was told about 80% of those attending the Candlelight vigil were believed to be from Hong Kong. Among them, half have arrived in Canada within the past two years, many of whom were repatriates, recently admitted into Canada via the “Lifeboat” program, and Hong Kong youths seeking political asylum. Ng said, “it is so encouraging to see the post-90 and post-millennium generations joining forces with us. They waved their own Revolution of Our Time flags during the rally, and took the initiative to direct the crowd using their flags. It is such a touching scene seeing so many families holding candles together with their young children!”

In addition to the new generation in the crowd, Ng was pleased to say that “we have many more young people supporting us as volunteers. They organized the Lennon Wall, helped us with photography and be our emcees. Most importantly they are assisting those seeking political asylum to settle down. Many thanks to the new generations who have contributed their talent and energy!”

The Candlelight vigil ended with chanting slogans to condemn the evil of Chinese Communist Party. Liane Lee, TADC vice chair who was in the Tiananmen Square in 1989, emphasized, “the 1989 Tiananmen Democracy Movement is not a matter exclusive for China. It is for all freedom-loving global citizens! The history of the brutal repression in 1989, although disappeared in China, continues to be heard today everywhere in the world. It is only because people in Hong Kong have chosen to be stubborn and consistent in the past 30 years, holding what reporters described as “the world’s largest candlelight gathering” in Victoria Park in each of those years. 1989 is in fact the first large-scale democracy movement in Hong Kong, and the 2019 pro-democracy movement a continuation of it. Now that Hong Kong is under the same repression, the frontline has shifted to overseas. Communities from around the world should take on the role continuing to fight the CCP.”

During the two events on May 29 and June 4 this year, TADC received a total of $2,451 in donations. Net proceeds after expenses for the events will be allocated to the TADC Hong Kong Humanitarian Fund to help people seeking political asylum in Canada. Ng calls on everyone to continue donating generously to the Fund, for there are so many young ones to be helped! Details of the Fund can be found on our website

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今年在集會結束時,大會帶領群眾齊聲高呼的口號是:「毋忘1989,永記2019,中共夠鐘早唞。」設計這句口號的是民運會的副主席李蘭菊,她是1989 天安門六四的倖存者。她在參與八九學運領袖王丹主持的一個訪談時,提到香港有些新世代說要與1989切割。李蘭菊表示「能夠理解香港年輕人的切割意識,但香港人可以對中國這個名稱、地域、政府、甚至乎人民中的小粉紅切割,卻不能與天安門1989追求民主自由的精神切割!」她說:「歷史上每一場民主運動,其實都是每一個生而自由的個體對天賦人權的渴望和追求所至。每個同路人集合在一起,便造就了一場運動。所以1989天安門民主運動不是屬於中國的,而是屬於所有追求自由的同路人!」李蘭菊更強調:「1989 殘酷鎮壓的歷史及因由,已在中國大地上消失,今天世界各地仍然在談論1989天安門民主運動,是因為香港人30年來擇善固執,年年在維園舉辦西方記者筆下所描述的「世上最大型的燭光集會」。而香港人也是在1989年開始,才真真正正開展大規模的本土民主運動。可以說,2019其實就是1989運動的延續。現在香港遭受同樣的鎮壓,海外也就成了前線,負擔起香港以前的角色,繼續在國際社會上與中共抗爭到底。」