Special Newsletter 2022-11 特別通訊

As a human rights organization founded in May 1989 in support of the student protests in Tiananmen Square, we have been a strong advocate for human rights and democracy in Hong Kong and China for the past thirty-three years. We have never wavered from taking principled stance against injustices and at the same time, as Canadians, we fully embrace and safeguard the universal core values of freedom, democracy, dignity and justice for all.  Whether the suppression and human rights violations from Chinese Communist Part is in Tibet, the Uyghur region, or Hong Kong, the above quote of Dr. Martin Luther King rings true.  It is in the same vein that we express our solidarity to the protest actions erupted spontaneously throughout China in the last few days.  We strongly encourage you as our friends and  supporters to attend the upcoming events against the CCP regime in solidarity.

本會為支持天安門學生運動而於 1989 年 5 月成立的人權組織。過去 33 年,我們一直大力倡導香港及中國的人權和民主,對抗不公義的原則和立場從未動搖。與此同時,作為加拿大人,我們完全擁護並捍衛世人享有自由、民主、尊嚴和正義的普世價值。中共的極權鎮壓和侵犯人權無論是在西藏、維吾爾地區還是在香港,馬丁路德金博士的警世格言都同樣響起。對最近幾天在中國各地爆發的自發抗議行動,我們當然表示聲援。本會鼓勵各界友好及支持者一同參與即將舉行的各項活動,團結一致,無分你我地對準中共政權。


Canadian family of disappeared Chinese human rights defender makes urgent plea to Vietnamese and Chinese governments



Dong Guangping, a courageous Chinese human rights defender who had been in hiding in Vietnam for the past 31 months while trying to reach freedom, disappeared without explanation on August 24.


Supporting Joy Luk 支援陸耀輝律師

經過月餘在醫院的治療,Joy Luk 陸耀輝律師已於6月16日出院。由於預期未來1年的康復過程所費不斐,陸律師已在其個人Facebook專頁發出捐助呼籲,且已有不同的團体和個人與她聯络及展開了籌款。本會作為首個協助及接待陸律師抵加尋求政治庇護的團體,將作如下配合。

With the dedication of medical staff, Joy Luk was discharged from the hospital on June 16. As the recovery process in the coming year is expected to be a heavy spending, Joy has made her plead for donations on social media. Various groups and individuals have responded with their own fundraising campaigns. TADC is the organization providing initial effort to assist Joy seeking political asylum and settling in Canada. We continue to assist her as described below.


Remembering Liu Xiaobo 紀念劉曉波 關注政治犯

Wednesday July 13 marked the fifth anniversary of the passing of Liu Xiaobo, the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Representatives from Amnesty International Canada, Alliance Canada Hong Kong (ACHK) and the Toronto Associations for Democracy in China (TADC) laid a wreath at the Liu Xiaobo Empty Chair Memorial installed at the front lawn of Amnesty’s Ottawa headquarters.

7月13日量期三是劉曉波逝世5周年紀念日。《多倫多支持中國民運會》前會長關卓中專程前往渥太華,與《加拿大國際特赦》及 Alliance Canada Hong Kong 的代表於《劉曉波空座椅紀念碑》前獻花,悼念這位至死為推動中國民主而奮鬥的諾貝爾和平獎得主。


Candlelight Vigil of 33rd June 4 Connected Two Generations
「六四」33 周年燭光會聯合兩代人

TADC would like to announce that Candlelight vigil for the 33rd anniversary of June 4 was attended by more than 2000 people, a record not seen in the past 20 years. Cheuk Kwan, TADC past chair for more than 20 years, said, “we finally succeeded in uniting the two generations this year together, to remember Tiananmen Massacre in 1989 and to keep on fighting for Hong Kong since the pro-democracy movement in 2019.”




Sunday May 29, 2022 | 5月29日星期日

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