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Why a Liberal MP is calling on the Canadian government to reconsider foreign agent registry

Cheuk Kwan, TADC co-chair, spoke with Global News Mackenzie Gray on his report about an MP within the governing Liberals going against the grain and voicing his opposition to the plan.

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Chinese Canadians urge feds to look into the depth, danger of China’s meddling

Chinese interference continues to dominate headlines. And while talking about China’s efforts to influence and interfere in Canada’s democracy might be new to some, many in the Chinese Canadian community say this has been a problem they have warned about for years.


Vietnam’s Evasive Answer to UN Human Rights Experts about Dong Guangping Cannot Stand

For Immediate Release

Three months after United Nations human rights experts wrote to the Vietnamese government demanding answers to a number of questions about disappeared Chinese human rights defender Dong Guangping, the government has responded with the blithe statement that, “After the verification process, the authorities in Viet Nam have had no information regarding Dong Guangping in Viet Nam.”

That means that seven months since he disappeared after he was arrested, handcuffed, blindfolded and taken into custody in Hanoi by Vietnamese police, Dong Guangping remains missing, his family knows nothing about his fate, and the Vietnamese government continues to refuse to disclose his whereabouts.


嚴拒中共干預加拿大 決不捨棄受迫害港人


「閣下,若非要判刑不可,就對我們的不屈宣判吧。但面對姦詐弄權之徒,唯有不屈,我們才算是人。」—— 鄒幸彤



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Investigation and registry will bring up anti-Chinese, anti-Asian sentiment “plays straightly into the playbook of the Chinese Communist Party … By having an open inquiry … will help ourselves as victims of Chinese interference.”

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“No doubt, the interference in the Canadian election electoral process is a grave concern. But I argue that this is the tip of the iceberg,” Kwan, co-chair of TADC testified in the ETHI committee meeting.