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Caught in the crossfire: Chinese diaspora bears brunt of Canada-Beijing tensions

Allegations of harassment have been described by rights activists and Canada’s ethnic minorities, and documented by Amnesty International in recent years.

Some have accused Chinese undercover agents or proxies of intimidating Chinese Canadians by vowing retribution against their relatives back home.

“What they do is they use family ties to China or Hong Kong to threaten you,” Cheuk Kwan, co-chair of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China, told AFP recently.

Kwan, clad in a black leather jacket, said this includes “death threats, verbal intimidation, or something as simple as saying: ‘We know where your parents live.’”

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加國華人民運組織高層 轟中國特務威脅中港家人 「我們知道你父母住哪裡」



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Global National News

Why a Liberal MP is calling on the Canadian government to reconsider foreign agent registry

Cheuk Kwan, TADC co-chair, spoke with Global News Mackenzie Gray on his report about an MP within the governing Liberals going against the grain and voicing his opposition to the plan.

Global The West Block

Chinese Canadians urge feds to look into the depth, danger of China’s meddling

Chinese interference continues to dominate headlines. And while talking about China’s efforts to influence and interfere in Canada’s democracy might be new to some, many in the Chinese Canadian community say this has been a problem they have warned about for years.