Petition To The House Of Commons 國會聯署

Coalition of human rights and pro-democracy groups fights against false narrative: Calls for urgent implementation of a foreign-agent registry

Jenny Kwan, MP (Vancouver East) joined a coalition of human rights and pro-democracy organizations from Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto in a media conference to announce the launch of a House of Commons petition campaign, urging the Parliament to move expeditiously with the passage of the Foreign Influence and Transparency Registry (FITR) in the coming Fall Session of the House.


Vietnam’s Evasive Answer to UN Human Rights Experts about Dong Guangping Cannot Stand

For Immediate Release

Three months after United Nations human rights experts wrote to the Vietnamese government demanding answers to a number of questions about disappeared Chinese human rights defender Dong Guangping, the government has responded with the blithe statement that, “After the verification process, the authorities in Viet Nam have had no information regarding Dong Guangping in Viet Nam.”

That means that seven months since he disappeared after he was arrested, handcuffed, blindfolded and taken into custody in Hanoi by Vietnamese police, Dong Guangping remains missing, his family knows nothing about his fate, and the Vietnamese government continues to refuse to disclose his whereabouts.


嚴拒中共干預加拿大 決不捨棄受迫害港人


「閣下,若非要判刑不可,就對我們的不屈宣判吧。但面對姦詐弄權之徒,唯有不屈,我們才算是人。」—— 鄒幸彤



Disappearance of Dong Guangping: Government of Vietnam Must Respond to UN Human Rights Experts

February 14, 2023

Reacting to news that the government of Vietnam has failed to respond to urgent questions from three independent United Nations experts seeking clarification about the fate and whereabouts of her father, disappeared Chinese human rights defender Dong Guangping, Katherine Dong said that,

The government of Vietnam continues to torment my family, by refusing to explain why they arrested my father almost six months ago, and what has happened to him since. I had hoped he would be safely reunited with us here in Canada by now, instead we are left to agonize about his safety. We don’t even know where he is. They won’t answer my questions.  They won’t answer questions posed by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada.  Now they refuse to answer the United Nations. This is unacceptable and an affront to international law. Vietnamese officials must answer our simple question, ‘where is Dong Guangping?’


Canadian family of disappeared Chinese human rights defender makes urgent plea to Vietnamese and Chinese governments



Dong Guangping, a courageous Chinese human rights defender who had been in hiding in Vietnam for the past 31 months while trying to reach freedom, disappeared without explanation on August 24.


Hong Kong’s First Visually Impaired Lawyer Seeks Refuge in Canada

Toronto Association for Democracy in China (TADC) announced today that Joy Luk, one of the key figures during the 2019 Hong Kong protests, has arrived safely in Canada.
《多倫多支持中國民運會》向大家發佈一個消息,於 2019 年義無反顧地支持香港反送中運動的陸耀輝小姐 (Joy Luk) 已經安全抵達加拿大。