「7.21 唔見人」快閃集會 721 Flashmob

Date 日期:Sunday 2021-07-18 星期日
Time 時間:4:00 pm
Place 地點Kennedy & Steeles 光復香港廣埸
Please wear black and put on yellow cap or tie a yellow ribbon.

On July 21, 2019, the Hong Kong police sheltered the gangsters in Yuen Long who attacked the citizens indiscriminately in a railway station. This incident was the flashpoint of the anti-extradition movement and of the decline of the rule of law in Hong Kong. Since then, RTHK was purged after broadcasted a documentary attempting to decipher the truth behind the incident; victims were laid charges for participating in physical altercation that night; the police selectively enforced the law in countless occasions; the court found the perpetrator not guilty. All such are obvious sign the rule of law that once upheld by all walks of life has been crashed into pieces as if run over by a tank. On this second anniversary, let us get together to tell the Hong Kong Communist regime that the truth cannot be tampered with and will not be forgotten.

Jimmy Lai, the founder of Hong Kong Apple Daily, was arrested and remanded in custody last year. In June this year, executives, editors, and writers were separately arrested, also under the National Security Law, and denied bail. With company assets frozen, the newspaper was forced with no choice but to shut down. Under the risk of blatant attack on freedom of the press and salary not being paid, reporters and staff at Apple Daily stood against all odds to keep the printing press running to the last minute. Their courage and professionalism deserve our highest respect. TADC has acquired few hundred copies of Apple Daily for distribution at the rally. The newspaper is a souvenir for you to keep and a tribute to every staff member at Apple Daily, especially those who are suffering in prison.