30th Anniversary T-shirt 30周年紀念T-恤

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TADC is going to produce a T-shirt for the 30th Anniversary of June 4 Rally. It will amplify our voices and our strength if everyone in the Rally is in the same T-shirt. The Rally will be held on Sat June 1 at 3:00 pm. The Liu Xiaobo Empty Chair sculpture will be there for preview.

為紀念六四30周年,本會將會印制一批T-恤。希望六四遊行當日各參與者一同穿上,以壯大遊行隊伍的聲勢。六四遊行定於6月1日星期六下午3時舉行,並有劉曉波紀念銅座預展。 (more…)