Online Tiananmen Massacre Memorial Museum


Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 2012, the June 4th Museum has again and again suffered pressure and harassment. Today when National Security Law has been imposed to the people of Hong Kong, the preservation of precious historical archives and relics faces many difficulties. The museum is having a crowdfunding campaign to build a permanent museum of human rights memory for the 1989 democratic movement to be available on the Internet.


The goal is to raise HK$1.5 million by August 2 otherwise the project will be dissolved and your pledge refunded. By now the goal is almost half-completed. We urge you to take immediate action donating into the project to make it a reality, or we risk history being rewritten some time later.

眾籌捐款平台是美國公司,但若閣下對直接捐款有任何疑慮,本會樂意接收款項,集合所有款項後用「多倫多仝人」名義全數捐予眾籌基金,使各善長的身份不會進入眾籌計劃內。眾籌詳情請參閱以下網頁,本會代收款項安排如下或電郵垂詢至 [email protected]

Crowdfunding platform is a US company. However, if you have concerns making donation directly, TADC is pleased to collect the donation from you. We’ll pass all collected donations into the fund under the name “A group of Torontonians” to keep donors completely disconnected from the fundraising project. For details on crowdfunding, please visit the web page indicated below. For TADC arrangement to collect donations, please see next section or send email to [email protected]

眾籌網頁 Crowdfunding Page

Donate as “A group of Torontonians” 以「多倫多仝人」認捐

When donating directly at crowdfunding, the platform will charge your credit card as soon as the goal of HK$1.5 million is reached on or before 1:00 pm Aug 2 (Toronto time). Credit card will not be charged if the goal cannot be reached by deadline. This is an all-or-nothing crowdfunding project.

To donate via TADC as “A group of Torontonians”, your donation will be collected immediately. The donated amount will be added to the pledge at the crowdfunding platform. If the goal is reached, your donation will 100% go to the Museum via the platform within the lump sum pledge.

If the goal cannot be reached, the lump sum will be donated to the Museum directly, also as “A group of Torontonians”. We would ask you to designate a percentage of your donation to go to the Museum while the remaining will be donated to TADC.

For example, you donate C$100 via TADC and designate 40% for the Museum. 

  • If the goal can be reached, C$100 will go into crowdfunding pool for the Museum.
  • If the goal cannot be reached, C$40 will be donated directly to the Museum and C$60 donated to TADC.

In either case, donation to the Museum is a lump sum by “A group of Torontonians”. If you agree with this arrangement and would like to go ahead, please

  1. Send your donation by e-Transfer to [email protected]
  2. Specify the percentage (anything from 0% to 100%) as donation to the Museum if crowdfunding goal cannot be reached.

Note that crowdfunding project provides digital and physical gifts depending on donation amount. This lump sum pledge will decline receiving physical gifts. If digital gifts can be available to multiple recipients, TADC will distribute them to you.

For any questions, please send email to [email protected]. For donation of C$1000 or more, please let us know by email to make alternate arrangement.