Urging Canada to take action on Hong Kong

Taking effect only on July 1, 2020, the National Security Law has already created a profoundly devastating impact on the people of Hong Kong. Dissent, freedom of expression and the relative high level of autonomy enjoyed by its people, are being eroded in an unprecedented pace and scope. We applaud the leadership and our government’s immediate action in canceling the extradition treaty agreement between Canada and Hong Kong. 
TADC has prepared a briefing notes and sent to Prime Minister and all Members of Parliament urging them to

  • 立即恢復加中關係委員會,並為香港舉行特別會議。
    Immediately resume the Canada-China Relations Committee and hold a special session on Hong Kong.
  • 大力倡導並牽頭推動全球聯盟監督香港。在聯合國內開展工作,包括於聯合國人權理事會發言,推動國際社會對中國不斷發生的侵犯人權行為採取強而有力的立場。
    Take the lead in facilitating a global coalition to monitor and act as a strong advocate for Hong Kong. Working within the UN system, including an adderss to the UN Human Rights Council, and push the international community to take a strong position against China’s continuous human rights violations.
  • 向香港人(尤其是在加拿大有家庭關係的人)開放臨時和永久居留計劃,以便他們在加拿大工作,學習和生活。
    Open up temporary and permanent residency programs to Hong Kong people—especially those who have family ties in Canada—to work, study and live in Canada.
  • 為參與民主運動的香港前線手足創建一個特別而迅速的難民計劃,類似於為1989年「六四」天安門大屠殺後為數千名逗留在加拿大的中國人創建的特別計劃。
    Create a special and expedited refugee program for Hong Kong activists involved in the pro-democracy movement, similar to the special program created for the thousands of Chinese Nationals present in Canada after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.
  • 運用《馬格尼茨基法案》制裁香港和中國大陸有份直接或參與侵犯人權,鎮壓香港,西藏,維吾爾地區和中國境內的維權人仕的官員。
    Apply the Sergei Magnitsky Act to sanction officials from Hong Kong and China who are directly responsible for or complicit in human rights violations in the continued suppression of human rights activists in Hong Kong, Tibet, Uyghur Region and China.

Please send email to your MP with the briefing notes attached, urging them to consider implementing the above recommendations for Hong Kong.