30th Anniversary T-shirt 30周年紀念T-恤

TADC is going to produce a T-shirt for the 30th Anniversary of June 4 Rally. It will amplify our voices and our strength if everyone in the Rally is in the same T-shirt. The Rally will be held on Sat June 1 at 3:00 pm. The Liu Xiaobo Empty Chair sculpture will be there for preview.


Anniversary T-shirt 紀念T-恤

We will now accept advanced order to be picked up on location at the Rally. This can help us with production quantity.  T-shirt will be available in sizes of Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. We will keep a small quantity to be available at the Rally.


We also have in our stock a small quantity of “June 4 Memorial Museum” cap obtained from Hong Kong Alliance and TADC 2012 T-shirts with sizes in Medium and Large for your selection.


Pricing  價格

Anniversary T-Shirt 紀念T-恤 (S/M/L/XL):
預先訂購每件 $25 each Advanced Order
遊行當日每件 $30 each At Rally

2012 T-Shirt T-恤 (M or L)
每件 $10 each

“June 4 Memorial Museum” cap 「六四紀念館」鴨舌帽
每件 $10 each

Please make advanced order on or before Sunday May 26.

All prices are suggested donation amounts. We sincerely hope that you can donate above and beyond the suggestions. Your generous support will help fund the Liu Xiaobo Empty Chair memorial and TADC operation.


Free Gifts 贈品

As our appreciation, we will include a 2012 T-shirt as free gift when your total donation is $50 or more, plus an additional “June 4 Memorial Museum” cap as free gift when total donation is $100 or more. TADC reserves the rights to limit quantity of free gifts and will hand out gifts on first-come first-serve basis.


Order / Payment / Pickup 訂購付款領取

Advanced order will be prepaid using your bank’s web banking app by Interac e-Transfer (or email transfer) to [email protected] (from Canadian banks only). Alternatively, PayPal is accepted for payment to the same email address. E-Transfer is preferred as it is free to both parties, versus PayPal with 3% processing fee on us.

預購物件付款以閣下銀行網上理財軟件用 Interac e-Transfer (或 email transfer) 予 [email protected] (只限加拿大銀行)。本會亦接受 PayPal ,請付款予同一電郵地址。希望閣下能夠使用支付雙方皆免費的 e-Transfer ,以省卻 PayPal 向本會收取的3%手續費。

Please specify sizes and quantities in the “Notes” field when making payment. Upon receiving email from TADC to confirm your ordered sizes and quantities, please make a printout of confirmation email and bring it to the rally to claim your order. As email printout will be kept as delivery record, we are sorry that email softcopy on mobile device will not be accepted. Please come 15 minutes before Rally start time.


Thank you 多謝

Thank you for your support! Please visit TADC web site for all our 30th Anniversary commemoration events. See you on June 1.