Send Letter to Minister of Public Safety 向公共安全部長發信

TADC invite you to sign a letter addressed to Hon Mendicino, Minister of Public Safety, urging him to move expeditiously in setting up a comprehensive system of foreign influence transparency registry (aka foreign agent registry).

We are asking your urgent support to send this letter out immediately, so as to counter the opposite camp falsefully accusing registry legislation equate to discrimination and exclusion.

Please download the form-letter to fill in and sign.

  • If you don’t know your riding’s and MP’s names
    1. Look up by entering your postcode in the House of Commons web page and go to next point to send the letter.
    2. Fill in the letter with your name, postcode and signature, then send the PDF file to [email protected]. Our volunteers will fill in info of MP and send it out on your behalf.
      請於信件填上姓名、郵區號碼及簽名,把 PDF 文件電郵至 [email protected],本會義工會填妥議員資料為你寄出。
  • If you know the name of your MP and your riding, make 3 copies of the signed letter and send one copy to each of
    • Hon Mendicino, Minister of Public Safety
    • Right Hon Trudeau, Prime Minister
    • Name of your MP

Use the same address for all the above names and no stamp is required.

House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1A 0A6

Alternatively, send the signed PDF file to the Minister, the PM and your MP in one email message. Email address of MP can be looked up at the House of Commons web page.
你亦可以把已簽署的 PDF 文件電郵至部長、總理及你的國會議員。國會議員電郵地址可於國會網頁查找。

Update on 2023-06-17 更新

Many thanks to volunteers who have handled 500 letters signed by concerned citizens and mailed them to the Minister.
非常感謝義工處理了 500 封由相關公民簽署的信件,寄發予公共安全部長。