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Coalition of human rights and pro-democracy groups fights against false narrative: Calls for urgent implementation of a foreign-agent registry

Jenny Kwan, MP (Vancouver East) joined a coalition of human rights and pro-democracy organizations from Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto in a media conference to announce the launch of a House of Commons petition campaign, urging the Parliament to move expeditiously with the passage of the Foreign Influence and Transparency Registry (FITR) in the coming Fall Session of the House.

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In view of the recent CSIS revelation on China’s interference and influences in Canada, we are deeply concerned that some members of the community are using the centenary anniversary of the Chinese Immigration Act 1923, aka “Chinese Exclusion Act,” to undermine our Government’s commitment to proceed with the Foreign Influence Transparency Registry;

It is imperative not to conflate the racist Act, which discriminates against all Chinese, with the Registry, which is applicable only to those, Canadian or not, who lobby on behalf of foreign governments;

Anti-Chinese racism cannot be used as a shield to distract from and to minimize the urgent actions required to preserve our Canadian democracy; 

Setting up a comprehensive system of our own Foreign Influence Transparency Registry is one of the most effective ways to safeguard our Canadian democratic system and uphold the universal core values of freedom, democracy, and justice;

Canada must be in step with our allies including Australia, the UK and the US., each of which has established its own registry; and

Canada simply cannot afford to play politics with our national security or our democratic process.

We, the undersigned, citizens or residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons in Parliament assembled to:

  • Move expeditiously with the passage of the Foreign Influence and Transparency Registry legislation in the coming Fall Session of the House;
  • Develop a proactive and comprehensive strategy in eradicating systemic racism in all its manifestations within Canada; and
  • Develop a proactive public education strategy on promoting civil engagement and democratic participation.