Webinar for Overview of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Application

Thursday June 25, 2020 | 6月25日星期四
9:30 am – 11:00 am (多倫多時間Toronto Time)

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當國家安全法以泰山壓頂之勢強加於香港人頭上,許多人都積極考慮往外國尋求庇護.而加拿大為其中一個頗多人選擇的地方。 在登機之前,至為重要是了解加拿大移民及難民申請審批程序,與及申請者所得的權利。
Now that the National Security Legislation is falling upon the people in Hong Kong, many are considering to take refuge in foreign countries. Canada is one of a few countries favored by many. Before boarding the plane, it is important to have an understanding of Canada’s immigration and refugee application process and the rights for the applicants.

TADC will hold a webinar intending to provide accurate information in the following areas:

  1. 概述加拿大難民審批程序和各項移民計劃
    Overview of Canada’s refugee determination process and immigration programs
  2. 加拿大接受難民的各種方案
    Various refugee programs in Canada
  3. 加拿大給予難民申請者和訪客的醫療及福利
    Refugee claimants and visitors access to Canadian benefits and health system
  4. 加拿大難民申請者的各項社會服務支援
    Other social service support for refugee claimants in Canada

Speakers will include (more to be added later)

  • 多倫多華越柬寮法律援助中心行政主任吳瑤瑤律師 及 中心律師溫巧明。
    Avvy Go, Clinic Director and Victoria Wan, Staff Lawyer, both of Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic

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Note: TADC and all speakers are to provide information only. None of us will offer services on refugee or immigration application nor refer any immigration consultants.