31st Anniversary June 4th Memorial Live Stream

Thursday June 4, 2020 | 6月4日星期四

9:00 pm Toronto 多倫多
7:00 pm Calgary 卡加利
6:00 pm Vancouver 温哥華



Live stream will start 15 minutes earlier for video and slide show. You can tune in using the YouTube player below.

Please prepare a candle and light it up at end of broadcast. Take a photo of the candle and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your favorite social media with hashtags below. Let the candles light up everywhere in the world.
請準備臘蠋於直播尾段點起,把臘蠋拍照發布於臉書、推特、IG 或您最喜歡社交媒體,並附上以下標籤,讓燭光於世界各處亮起。

#6431truth   #June4HK