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Chinese interference in Canada? Chinese Canadians say they reported it for years — and were ignored

With PM Trudeau reportedly set to ask for a new investigation of foreign interference in Canada, advocates recall all the incidents and evidence that has gotten little apparent action over the years.

The first time Cheuk Kwan and Sheng Xue testified to a parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee was in 2006. They warned of Beijing’s desire to “control everything” including activities of Canadians, and urged Ottawa to adopt a stronger stance in order to “earn (China’s) respect and not wrath.”

“But every time we spoke to the government, it felt like we were putting on a show and helping them tick off a box that they were hearing from critics. Nothing was done,” Kwan said. Nearly 20 years later, he said they are part of a group of veteran Chinese-Canadian advocates and experts on China who are still struggling to be heard.

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