Petition to Canadian Government to waive criminal inadmissibility of Hong Kong People convicted for political purposes

Many Hongkongers charged and convicted arbitrarily are criminally inadmissible for visas or immigration to Canada. As citizens and permanent residents in Canada, we can play an integral role in ensuring the safe arrival of Hongkongers into Canada.
眾多被無理檢控及定罪的香港人在刑事條例上都不能獲發加拿大移民或各項簽證。 我們作為加拿大公民及永久居民,在確保香港人能夠順利前往加拿大,都可以發揮不可或缺的群眾力量。

MP Garnett Genuis has setup a petition calling for the creation of a mechanism by which Hongkongers convicted of pro-democracy movement related charges can provide an explanation, such that Government officials may grant exemptions for those who have been arbitrarily charged and convicted. The petition will be presented in the House of Commons if a sufficient number of signatures are collected.
亞省國會議員 Garnett Genuis 已發起請願書,要求建立機制,讓身負民主運動相關罪行的香港人可以作出解釋,以便政府官員對被任意檢控和定罪的人給予豁免。 如果收集到足夠數量的簽名,請願書將提交給國會下議院。

Please immediately print the petition, ask your family, friends and neighbors to sign, and send the signed petition back to MP Genuis’ office (no postage is required).