Eyewitness to the Tiananmen Massacre

Tuesday June 3, 2014 | 6月3日 (星期二)


10:00 am
Press Conference (by invitation only)
Charles Lynch Room, Centre Block, Parliament Hill

10:30 am
Commemoration Reception (by invitation only)
Room 505 Victoria Building, 140 Wellington Street

12:30 pm
“Tiananmen Square – Witnesses to a Massacre 25 Year Later” symposium
Room 147 Fauteux Hall, Faculty of Law, 57 Louis Pasteur Road, University of Ottawa


On the 25th anniversary of the brutal crackdown of student demonstrations in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, three Canadians will present their first-hand accounts of the events in the square that night at a press conference hosted by David Sweet, MP on Parliament Hill. They will bear witness to a massacre that the Chinese government is anxious to erase from our memory.
– Ms. Liane Lee 李蘭菊
Representative of the Hong Kong Federation of Students in 1989
– Mr. Yuguo Chen 陳育國
Professor of Political Science at Beijing University in 1989
– Hon. Jim Munson
CTV Beijing Bureau Chief in 1989

The press conference will be followed by a commemoration reception hosted by the Hon. Consiglio Di Nino at 505 Victoria.

After the reception, Ms. Lee and Mr. Chen will be joined by Mr. Alex Neve, Secretary General, Amnesty International Canada at the “Tiananmen Square – Witnesses to a Massacre 25 Year Later” symposium at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa at 12:30 pm.


Liane Lee 李蘭菊 belonged to a delegation of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, who made two trips to Beijing to provide tents and medical supplies to the demonstrators. She was rescued from the Square by local citizens on June 4 and left the city on an evacuation flight on June 5.

Yuguo Chen 陳育國 was a professor of political science at Beijing University in 1989. Prof. Chen joined his students in Tiananmen Square for many days, sleeping on the concrete ground. He was present when the square was finally cleared by the army on the night of June 4.

Cheuk Kwan 關卓中 is Chair of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China, founded in May 1989 to support the student protest in Tiananmen Square. The Association works with like-minded NGOs to advocate human rights and democracy in China and has held commemorative events on each of the 25 anniversaries of the Tiananmen Square massacre.